Getting Digital Roadshow South (Edinburgh)

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11 February 2010

University of Edinburgh

10th June ’10

Bill Thompson

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Each Amb:IT:ion Scotland Roadshow event is UNIQUE and shouldn’t be missed by anyone with ‘ambitions’ to grow their online audience!

The Roadshows have been designed with Scottish cultural organisations and individuals in mind and the content and style of the events will appeal to those working in the cultural sector.

What’s it about?
Bringing the best minds in digital innovation to your doorstep, the Amb:IT:ion Scotland Roadshows:
•    are about thinking big and strategically
•    are where you can immerse yourself in the possibilities of web 2.0
•    provide training and ‘hands on’ skills that can be used to implement your own ideas
•    are about networking with peers on the same learning path as you.

What will I learn?
Some of the basics that you will need to ‘get digital’:
•    Where to find free online tools to use social networking to help you connect better with your audiences in the ‘Hands On Online Promotion’ workshop delivered by Inner Ear.
•    An introduction to shooting, editing and streaming digital video, in the ‘Digital Video for Beginners’ workshop delivered by New Media Scotland.
•    What you need to know about intellectual property law so that you can feel confident providing online content, in the IP workshop delivered by the Intellectual Assets Centre.
• Explore the basics and benefits of webcasting with Envirodigital at the Introduction to webcasting workshop.

•    Keynote: Bill Thompson, BBC technology journalist and radio presenter,  and Head of Partnerships at BBC Archive will reflect on how in a networked age digital technologies pervades our audiences’ lives; and on how digital development has to pervade the whole of our organisations as we increasing are Making Art in A Networked World.

•    Case studies: Martin Reynolds and Faith Liddell of Festivals Edinburgh talk about their digital development journey, highlighting the lessons learned. Katy Beale, freelance social media consultant will present a case study of how she worked with the Tate to develop their Twitter social media strategy which has resulted in Tate now having over 100,000 Twitter followers.
•  PLUS an interview with Fiona Stewart, Creative Director of AmbItion Involved organisation, The Lot, and Lot audience member, Muriel MacKenzie.

Booking: the event is FREE to attend, simply sign up online. (You can attend in person or online!)

Ambition Roadshow South (Edinburgh) info pack.

Image: Bill Thompson, AmbITion Roadshow / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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