AmbITion Scotland webcasting the Turing Festival

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21 August 2012

Turing logoOn Friday 24 August, 2012, a group of the world’s digital technology leaders will converge on Edinburgh to debate and discuss their latest innovations. Tune in to the AmbITion Scotland’s webcast for a glimpse of the digital future, and an insight into how it can positively affect business growth in the arts, culture and heritage sectors.

Those interested in registering as an online attendee, can still do so via eventbrite.

The discussions will take place at a morning session called Our Connected World and an afternoon session Connected Content, as part of the Turing Conference at Edinburgh’s International Technology Festival. Curated by Interactive Scotland, the agency developed by Scottish Enterprise to drive growth in Scotland’s digital media industry, Our Connected World and Connected Content will be hosted at Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth.

The day’s proceedings will be webcast live by AmbITion Scotland to a global audience, here, on AmbITion:Live.

It’s no accident that this technology festival is on during the world’s biggest arts festival reflecting the clear links between technology and the cultural sector.   The line up for Interactive Scotland @Turing covers the digital spectrum from using big data to making the most of mobile.

AmbITion Scotland is committed to broadening access to digital learning events that will benefit arts, cultural and heritage organisations.  Webcasts take place live on the day, allowing live viewing and participation for our online attendees, and the content becomes accessible when the community need to revisit it, because AmbITion Scotland provides an on demand library of webcast events on AmbITion:TV  after the live event is over.

Anna-Marie Taylor, marketing manager for Interactive Scotland, said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with AmbITion Scotland once again. Through this partnership, Interactive Scotland is helping to link the digital and creative sectors with the cultural businesses supported by AmbITion Scotland. We are delighted that webcasting the conference will maximise access to the terrific speakers that Interactive Scotland and Scottish Enterprise have lined up.”

The distinguished line-up of international speakers – listed below – will be looking at the future of digital platforms, data analytics, the social graph and the emergence of developer tools.


09:40 Welcome from Interactive Scotland: Alisdair Gunn, Project Director, Interactive Scotland

09:45 Chairman’s Opening Remarks, Stewart Townsend, Head of Business Development, Datasift

09:50 “Big data (and doing something with it)” Dave Coplin, Director of Search and Futurologist, Microsoft

10:20 “Information is beautiful – a picture paints a thousand words”, John Loudon, Head of Multimedia, BiP Solutions

10:40 “Ambassador, with this datatainment you are really spoiling us”, Richard Ayers, CEO, Seven League

11:00 Break

11:25 “How Social can enable businesses in new ways”, Benjamin Faes, Managing Director Media & Platform EMEA, Google

11:50 “Blogger Outreach – Refreshing the parts other social media cannot reach”, Dave Cummings, Director, Forth Metrics

12:10 Know your Customer – Stop listening, Stewart Townsend, Head of Business Development, Datasift

12:30 Panel A: “Social Panel – Connecting our world and everything in it!” Chair: Gary Ennis, Managing Director, NS Design

Panel: Dave Coplin, Microsoft; Richard Ayers, BFI; Benjamin Faes, Google; Jason Ball, Director, Qualcomm Ventures; Bob Thomson, Storm Ideas

13:10 Break

14:10 “Creating that Augmented Experience”, Ambarish Mitra, Co-Founder & CEO, Blippar

14:30 “Everyone can Create Apps”, Kevin Miller, Founder & CEO, Run Rev

14:50 “Communicating across the Cloud”, James Parton, Director of European Marketing, Twilio.

15:10 Panel B: “Put bangers in your mobile mashup” WIP Unconference. Chair: Thibaut Rouffineau, VP Developer Partnerships, WIP

Panel: Kevin Miller, Run Rev; James Parton, Twilio; Kevin McDonagh, Novoda; Gav Dutch, Kotikan

15:50 Break

16:20 ”Fragmentation & the State of Online Video”, Luke Gaydon, VP Operations EMEA, Brightcove

16:45 “Social Media: television’s best new friend?”, Anthony Rose, Co-Founder & CTO, Zeebox

17:10 “Second Screen – the new remote control”, Gareth Capon, Product Development Director, BSkyB

17:35 Panel C: “Engaging the Audience – Shaping the future for our connected world”, Chair: Mike Dicks, Senior Policy Executive, PACT

Panel: Luke Gaydon, Brightcove; Anthony Rose, Zeebox; Gareth Capon, BSkyB; Alistair Brown, STV Group; Dave Coplin, Microsoft

18:10 Conference Round Up: Chairman’s closing remarks and summary of the day’s events, discussions, debates and new discoveries

For those in Glasgow who want to come together with peers to experience the vibe of the event, Glasgow’s Lighthouse is offering access to a live stream of the conference throughout the day in Gallery 1. Fiona Scott represents MAKlab at the Lighthouse: “If you can’t make it through to Edinburgh, pop in to see us at the Lighthouse to catch up on the day’s Turing events via the live-stream. This may be particularly useful for people to come together and access the event during their lunch hour.” More information at

About Turing Conference at Edinburgh’s International Technology Festival, 23–25 Aug

Taking place at venues across Edinburgh from 23–25 August, the Turing Conference is bringing together the digital technology and the web as part of Edinburgh’s International Technology Festival, in a celebration of digital culture and creativity. Named in honour of Alan Turing, father of modern computing, the event aims to move beyond traditional technology conferences to explore the ways in which technology is affecting all aspects of culture and society

About Interactive Scotland

Digital media will play an integral part in delivering the Scottish Government’s economic strategy. Interactive Scotland has been developed by Scottish Enterprise to drive growth in this important sector by providing advice and support for digital media companies across Scotland. Find out more about what we do:

1 response to AmbITion Scotland webcasting the Turing Festival

  1. I’m really looking forward to the on-demand video from Friday’s webcast.  There are some highlights that I’m excited about and think we in the cultural sector can learn a lot from.  The three big themes at the event were around the power and potential of data; new technologies that we can start using now, and the continued convergence of content and interactivity.  As a starter for 10, here’s my pick of the videos you really shouldn’t miss:
    DATA – key presentations from Microsoft’s Dave Coplin, who is a compelling evangelist for the power of data; Richard Ayers on ‘datatainment’ – the idea that data used well to tell stories becomes entertaining and engaging in itself – and Stewart Townsend’s discussion of the power of intelligent use of data.
    NEW TOOLS – key presentations came from Blippar’s Ambarish Mitra on augmented reality (so fun), Rev Run’s Kevin Miller on demystifying app building, Twilio’s James Parton on linking new technology with telecommunications (established technology) and new tools & techniques for successful PR to bloggers from Forth Metrics’ Dave Cumings.
    INTERACTIVE CONTENT – the key question being how is technology facilitating the convergence of television and other storytelling content with participation and social media?  The three speakers from the Connected Content sessions brought a range of viewpoints to bear: Brightcove’s Luke Gaydon, PACT’S Mike Dicks and Zeebox’s Anthony Rose.
    Watch out for the videos at the end of this week!