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8 October 2012

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AmbITion Scotland recently hosted an event as part of Social Media Week Glasgow – a globally crowd sourced event running from 24-28 September, Social Media Week, which took place in 13 cities around the world made up of volunteer-hosted events exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media.  Selling out several weeks in advance, AmbITion Scotland’s event, in partnership with Culture Sparks, took place on 25 September 2012 at Citizen M and was attended by more than 50 participants.

Decoding the Data from the Cultural Sector featured findings from an ongoing research project carried out by Culture Sparks on the impact of social media activities carried out by Scotland’s arts and cultural organisations.  Drawing on data from over 160 organisations, Culture Sparks’ Dianne Greig looked at social media activity in the context of overall web traffic and transactional data to get an indication of return on the investment of time.

Image courtesy of Eddie Said Woof Photography

Feeding a clear demand for solid information about social media practice, AmbITion Scotland was pleased to stage the event.  One of the main questions we are asked about social media is about return on investment (ROI).  Many social media channels are free, so cultural organisations’ investment is in time and learning the skills needed to participate successfully in different channels.  Although there is no easy answer – every organisation needs to decide for itself what social media activities and channels are most appropriate – a few key points emerged.  Dianne’s talk and post event round up blog clearly showed traffic to organisations’ websites and increased ticket sales/attendance resulted from targeted social media activities.  Impact could be shown when these were targeted to specific audiences and carried out as part of a larger communications strategy.  The importance of goal setting and measurement was also highlighted.

It was clear from the questions and conversations that followed the event, that cultural organisations are well aware that they don’t just need to make great content, they need to make sure that their content is seen by the right people.  Participants asked pertinent questions about how they could hone their own practice and demonstrated that they were hungry to learn more.

I was delighted to announce that evening, in response to these questions, that AmbITion Scotland is planning a workshop series focused on building skills for targeting  and growing online audiences.  The AmbITion Scotland Winter Workshop Series will be held in small groups, offering hands-on tuition and one-to-one support from some of the most knowledgeable practitioners in the business – David Craik and Michael Franklin.  On Wednesdays in November and December 2012 we’ll be running:

All of the above trainings will be hosted in Glasgow, but we are ready to take this show on the road!  If you would like to host one locally, get in touch with me to discuss the possibilities.

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