About AmbITion

scenes from the culturing our creativity eventThe AmbITion Approach is a digital transformation methodology for enterprises looking to transform and build adaptability to thrive in an environment continuously disrupted by new digital technologies, an approach created by Dr Hannah Rudman of Rudman Consulting.

The AmbITion Approach has been extensively used by Hannah and other change consultants with a range of over 150 organisations for the last seven years. It has been iteratively improved, integrating the learnings and experiences of enterprises that have transformed. You can read and watch case study stories of the impacts and outputs of the transformation journeys already undertaken by enterprises through working with The AmbITion Approach. Academic research has verified that 86% of organisations adapted at least two parts of their business to become digital, with 37% of these transforming all aspects of their business to become fully digital businesses. [Rudman, H., Benyon, D., and Hall, H. (2015). A framework for the transformation of the creative industries in a digital age. IFKAD 2015 10th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics Bari, Italy: Arts for Business Ltd, p. 1391-1403].

Integrating the opportunities of digital into an organisation demands transformation across its whole. That’s because today, every business is a digital business. IT strategy can longer be separate from business strategy. Digital transformation is not about technology, its not purely about the IT. It is about growing the ambition to realise how digital can change strategy and introduce new ways of thinking about enterprise. In digitally transformed businesses, we’re seeing the emergence of the role of Chief Digital Officer – a strategic role focused on using technology to reimagine the business putting the customer at the centre.

 The AmbITion Approach blends the methods of modern change management consultancy with action research; and utilises the tools, attitudes, and techniques of design thinking, and creative practice. Technology defines the “what” and “how” of digital transformation, but it is us humans who define the “why” of it: applying our human creativity, insight, wisdom, and empathy is essential, and is encouraged by The AmbITion Approach.

The AmbITion Approach online toolkit is openly available and free to use, and has been specifically designed for organisations of any size, type and operational model – to enable any enterprise to approach digital development with confidence. So if you want to ensure your organisation is digitally fit enough to adapt to the constant disruption of continuously emerging digital technologies, then our an easy-to-use step-by-step approach to undertaking a successful digital transformation journey is for you!

AmbITion increases the legacy of work with organisations, by curating and sharing a rich learning resource of lessons learnt through the undertaking of digital developments, including How To… Guides, curated Learning Journeys through many digital development topics, and toolkits for the self guided learning of various digital development topics online. There’s also AmbITion TV – case study videos from enterprises that have undertaken change journeys, video on demand of past masterclasses and debates,  video case studies of the results enterprises have seen, and video learning journeys through digital development topics.

Rudman Consulting offers The AmbITion Approach to enterprises and institutions of all scale and operational model, and nations and regions looking to establish change and development programmes for sectors needing to adapt and transform through the opportunities and threats of digital disruption. Contact us to find out more!

The AmbITion Approach has been the framework for a number of national digital transformation programmes, securing £3.7m public funding so far. Read more about them.