Website FAQs

What is the website for?

This website has been developed as a one-stop portal and network for information about digital development for the arts and the AmbITion Scotland programme.

Who should use it?

Anyone who works in the arts or is involved in a cultural project that involves digital development should find something of interest on the website.  All our resources are publicly available – so if you find something of interest, then please feel free to use it.

How do I find things on the site?

First place to look might be the “search” function. On the Sitemap page, all pages and posts on the site are indexed here, and so if you’re wanting to find out a particular technology or art form, then you should be able to see if we have anything relevant.

There are a range of learning resources – case studies, how to guides and reports.  The is also the AmbITion Approach Toolkit for arts organisation that would like to undertake digital development. All our  current and archival videos can also be easily found on the AmbITion:TV pages.

I have registered as a member of the website but I can’t interact with other users. Why not?

To avoid letting Spammers onto the site, all new members need to be approved by our administrators before they can interact with other users.  This can take up to 5 working days.  If you are still having problems, please let us know using our contact form.

What happened to the AmbITion Ning network?

We no longer use the Ning network.  All AmbITion user accounts previously registered with Ning have been moved to this new website, which incorporates the full AmbITion network alongside all of our forums, video archive, Toolkit, learning resources and reports.

I had a user account on the AmbITion Ning site.  How do I access my account on this new site?

If you had an account on the old AmbITion Ning network, we should have emailed you instructions on how to access your account on this new system.  If you have not received these instructions, you can reset your password by entering your old Ning username or email address.  We will send you a new temporary password so you can login to this site.  Once logged in, you can change this temporary password by clicking on My Account at the top of the page, and then clicking the Settings tab in your account.

You can find out if your account has been moved across to this site from the old Ning network by searching for your name in our Network pages.

How do I change/add an image to my account?

You can add or change the image or “avatar” associated with your Account by clicking on My Account and then choosing the Change Avatar option.

What happened to my friends from the Ning site?

Unfortunately, we were unable to move all user’s previous friends connections across to the new site.  However, you can quickly make connections with other members of the network by searching for them in our Network section and clicking the Connect button.  As with Facebook, users will need to approve your request to connect before you see them as a friend in your Profile.

How do I send messages to other network members?

Search for the network member you would like to send a message to in our Network section and click the Private Message or Public Message buttons, or you can go to My Account and click the Messages tab and compose a message from there.  You can only send Private Messages to other network members who you are already connected to, and you need to be a member of the website first.

What are Public Messages?

Public messages are posted to your Activity stream in your Account, and are visible to all users.  They are similar to Tweets where you mention the AmbITion @username of the other network member.  Any member whose AmbITion @username you mention in your Activity stream will be alerted that you have mentioned them on the website.  To send a Public Message, find the profile of the user that you want to mention and click the Public Message button.

What if I forget my password for the AmbITion site?

Just click on the Reset Password link at the top of the screen, and we’ll send you a new password.

How do I change my password for the site?

Once logged in, you can change your password by clicking on My Account at the top of the page, and then clicking the Settings tab in your account.

What happened to the AmbITion Toolkit?

The Toolkit, which used to exist on its own microsite, is now integrated into this website in our Learn section.

What happened to the AmbITion Resources microsite?

All AmbITion resources are now on this website in the Learn section.

Can I add my event to the AmbITion calendar?

Yes – if you are a member of the AmbITion network you can add your event by clicking the Submit Events menu item.  Only events relating to the cultural sector and the arts will be displayed on the website, and we will remove any inappropriate content from the calendar.

Can I blog on the AmbITion website?

Occasionally, we will ask active network users to write blogs for the AmbITion website.  Please contact us directly if you would like to contribute regular blog items.  In the meantime, you are welcome to post content to the Activity feed in your user Profile.

What’s all this social media about?

Because we have only a small core team, we want the wider group of people involved with AmbITion to be able to “talk” to each other. Our website includes an online social network of nearly 800 arts professionals use this to share stories, debate and answer each other’s questions.  You can join the network, or follow us on Twitter or through the various other social networks you can find listed at the foot of the page.

A network member is behaving inappropriately.  Can I report them?

The AmbITion website actively encourages users to add their own content to the site.  However, where you feel that a user has added inappropriate or offensive content, we encourage members to report this to us so we can remove it.  When logged in, you should see a Report as Inappropriate button next to any user-generated content.  If you click this button, an administrator will be invited to assess the content and decide if it should be removed or amended.  If you have urgent enquiries about user generated content, please use our contact form.

What technology is the AmbITion website built on?

The AmbITion website is built entirely on Open Source technology.  It is based on a highly customised version of WordPress Content Management System, to which we have added BuddyPress to provide social networking functionality and bbPress to provide our Forums.

I need to speak to a person!

AmbITion is a programme – not a consultancy or organisation – however most of the people we’ve worked with are knowledge sharers. So if you’ve got a question then use out contact form, or use Twitter (@getambition) or the other social networks to get in touch.  If you need to contact us about the websites or need signposting to anything related to digital development for the arts then use our contact form.

Are you related to The Big Ambition programme?

No, but we know and respect them. If you are looking for our friends at the Big Ambition Scotland follow this link. Don’t be confused… we have similar aims and similar names but work with different target groups! If you are a young person 14-19 looking for information about digital careers you want The Big Ambition. If you are a cultural sector worker and want to learn more about digital development for arts and culture you are looking for AmbITion Scotland.