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Diaspora open source social network; & iRig turns an iPhone into an Amp and FX stage rig!

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
29 September 2010

Learning a musical instrument has never been more exciting, so its a shame the newspapers are reporting a decline by 2/3rds the amount of school pupils learning an instrument than when I was a pupil. Sites like School of Everything mean that the formal music education sector is booming online: singers can be taught from […]

Scottish Government supports digital technology to lower carbon footprint

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
16 September 2010

The 40+ onliners looking at today’s AmbITion Scotland live webcast also tested out Envirodigital’s new Carbon Footprint Avoided indicator, on the same day that the Scottish Government stated it supports digital technology to lower carbon footprints. The full press release from Holyrood reads: “Responding to questions from Dr Bill Wilson MSP (SNP), the Scottish Government’s […]

FirstPort Digital Media Social Innovation Awards

Profile photo of Paul Zealey By Paul Zealey
7 September 2010

Firstport provides business support and advice and start-up awards to new and emerging social entrepreneurs across Scotland. We are particularly keen to stimulate ideas using digital media – websites, computer games, social networks, phone apps etc- that can help make a real difference in Scotland. Inspired? Over the next month we are looking for early […]

Thinking BIG!

Profile photo of Gwen McLeod By Gwen McLeod
3 September 2010

Creative Scotland recently supported the Arts Marketing Association to publish the second edition of Thinking BIG!, a guide to building and using strategic marketing plans for arts organisations. It was originally commissioned by Arts Council England and published by the Arts Marketing Association (AMA) and this recent second edition has been updated with case studies […]

Digital Power: Scotland needs more to cope with media diversification trends

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
19 August 2010

OfCom’s seventh annual Communications Market Report into the UK’s TV, radio, telecoms and internet industries says that multi-tasking and diversity are the hallmarks of media consumption in the UK today. 45% of people’s time is spent consuming media (by my calculation on my own waking hours, that’s about 7 hours a day). The average person […]

New White Paper on Social Media from Interactive Scotland

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
2 August 2010

The rise of social media has been the standout change in internet usage during the 2000’s, but what exactly is social media and how do businesses leverage it effectively? These questions are addressed Interactive Scotland’s recently published whitepaper: SocialMediaWhitepaper.pdf

Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab – what why and how?

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
15 July 2010

With Piers Morgan launching First TV, the extension of his children’s newspaper First News, and the BBC launching its new comedy series Brian Pern exclusively online, ( then the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab should follow suit. Here we go! Rohan Gunatillake and I talking about what the Lab is in five minutes flat: Hear Andrew […]

Shift Happens – chatting with @digijamie & @documentally

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
8 July 2010

Inane and insight: thoughts from Shift Happens from me and AmbITion community member and AmbITion England participant @digijmie via an interview/ chat with @Documentally recorded via an iPhone and Audioboo – an iPhone (and others) app. The videos of the talks will be released each week, so sign up to the shifthappens network for access. […]

A Contribution to a Manifesto for Creative Scotland

Profile photo of Richard Saville-Smith By Richard Saville-Smith
2 July 2010

Audiences and Arts – a two way communication. A shorter verion of this piece was published in the Scotsman on 1st July 2010, the day on which Creative Scotland was born. Consider what could happen if Creative Scotland spent a little less on arts productions and a little more on developing audiences? Imagine if Creative […]

Content & Consolidation 2: Bing, Project Canvass, Newspass, and Disney’s Facebook App for tix

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
29 June 2010

Microsoft’s Bing has been around for just over a year, trying to cause a revolution in the search and location services market. But it hasn’t got the market share that I expected. So it was with great interest that Microsoft this week rolled out Bing Entertainment, a dedicated hub within Bing that hosts film clips […]

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