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Sustainable cultural AmbITions for a low carbon transition

Profile photo of Hannah Rudman By Hannah Rudman
27 September 2013

Today the IPCC published its report to confirm that by 2100, the average projection for how much warming will occur is expected to be slightly above the 2 degrees C threshold, considered to be the temperature above which it is considered that climate change will damage the global environment. As well as the damage humans […]

Auditing AmbITion Scotland

Profile photo of Ashley Smith Hammond By Ashley Smith Hammond
25 September 2013

Impact and overview of the AmbITion Scotland programme from January 2012 – September 2013.  This is a presentation shared with the audience at the Digital Horizon Consultation event on 24 September 2013. Please feel free to also explore the Google Map created for this presentation which locates all the AmbITion Scotland event locations and Make:IT:Happen […]

All that Jazz: an Ambition Approach Case Study

Profile photo of Lindsay Robertson By Lindsay Robertson
20 September 2013

The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra’s Amb:IT:ion Approach grant enabled an expert to examine our current online presence and mechanisms, identify problems, suggest solutions for future digital development to ensure a robust, sustainable and effective future for the orchestra.

AmbITion Workshops on the Road Again

Profile photo of Ashley Smith Hammond By Ashley Smith Hammond
29 August 2013

AmbITion Scotland’s touring workshop programme has already brought digital development training to a host of venues, large and small, from the Scottish borders to Findhorn – but the challenge of taking Practical Video Making to the Isle of Eigg on 30 August 2013 has proved to be the most ambitious feat of event organisation that the team has tackled yet!

Lung Ha’s Theatre Company AmbITion Approach Report

Profile photo of Caitlin Skinner By Caitlin Skinner
23 August 2013

Lung Ha’s Theatre Company undertook an AmbITion Approach digital development journey with the support of Abigail Carney.

Plantation Productions – Get AmbITion

Profile photo of Moya Crowley By Moya Crowley
19 August 2013

With an award form the Make IT Happen fund Plantation Productions worked with Post Creative to produced a new website to profile the films and work that they do in the Greater Govan Community in Glasgow.

Grants announced for Round Four of AmbITion Scotland’s Make:IT:Happen funding

Profile photo of Ashley Smith Hammond By Ashley Smith Hammond
1 August 2013

Scotland’s arts, culture and heritage organisations today received more than £91,000 in 14 separate National Lottery funding awards awarded by AmbITion Scotland that will enable recipients to access and make the most of the opportunities presented by digital technologies.

AmbITions for an environmentally sustainable future

Profile photo of Hannah Rudman By Hannah Rudman
21 July 2013

(A shorter version of this article by Hannah Rudman appeared as a blog in The Guardian’s Culture Professionals Network.) A huge body of science built up over the last 50 years proves that climate change is anthropogenic: human made. The balance of nature is being significantly affected by the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) humans and […]

Culturing Our Creativity Storify by Roanne Dods

Profile photo of Ashley Smith Hammond By Ashley Smith Hammond
10 July 2013

Collaboration between Mission Models Money, AmbITion, A&B Scotland and Cultural Enterprise Office on 17th June 2013 at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Culturing our Creativity: talks on demand

Profile photo of Hannah Rudman By Hannah Rudman
18 June 2013

Individuals and organisations working in arts, culture and the creative industries in Scotland are faced with a rapidly changing external operating environment that is increasingly uncertain. Many, especially those working in small practices, micro businesses and SMEs, face continuous obstacles to achieving their full potential, especially in relation to accessing the right kind of human and […]

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