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Horizon Report for Museums

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
25 November 2013

This is a great read for discovering trends that impact museums (and other heritage institutions) now, with predictions for what’s just over the horizon, and will become mainstream in the next couple of years too. Museum Edition of the Horizon Report by the New Media Consortium.

Digital Public Space

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
3 June 2013

This publication gathers a range of short explorations of the idea of the Digital Public Space. The central vision of the Digital Public Space is to give everyone everywhere unrestricted access to an open resource of culture and knowledge. This vision has emerged from ideas around building platforms for engagement around cultural archives to become […]

Digital 2013: watch on demand

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
29 May 2013

Our fabulous national conference Digital 2013 was held at the SECC on 25.04.2013, organised in partnership with Interactive Scotland and Scottish Enterprise. The keynote speakers and panel Q&A session are available here for on demand viewing! Conference Welcome – Alisdair Gunn, Project Director, Interactive Scotland Digital 2013’s opening address highlighted the pathway for the digital […]

Digital Archives and Data – Listen to the Arts Council England podcast

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
4 October 2012

John Wilson discusses how arts organisations are opening up their archives, collections and data with studio guests Bill Thompson, Head of Partnership Development, BBC Archives and AmbITion Champion; Drew Hemment, Founder and CEO of Future Everything; and Dr Paul Gerhardt, Director of Archives for Creativity. Including what arts organisations need to consider when digitising their […]

Festivalslab – a final show case of great innovation projects

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
31 July 2012

This summer marks two years since the inception of the festivalslab project. To celebrate, The Festivals Lab team have compiled a showreel document of the projects, which highlights what worked and what didn’t. The content and knowledge sharing partnership that AmbITion Scotland has held with Festivalslab has enabled the learnings of the festivals to be […]

You too can Make:IT:Happen!

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
4 July 2012

This is Lesley Anne Rose, Creative Producer of Stellar Quines who, following their AmbITion Scotland experience have really made IT happen for their theatre company by grasping the opportunities afforded by digital technologies. The picture also shows Hamish Allison, Managing Director at Freakworks at the Freakworks Studios in Edinburgh with whom Stellar Quines are working […]

Case Study in Innovation: The Edinburgh Festivals’ API

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
14 May 2012

AmbITion Scotland present this Case Study in Innovation: a story of the Edinburgh Summer Festivals’ API (Application Programming Interface)

Digital 2012

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
1 April 2012

Monetising Content was the theme of Scotland’s national conference for the digital and creative industries, Digital 2012. Held at SECC 29th & 30th March 2012, organised by Interactive Scotland and AmbITion Scotland, the conference brought together almost 500 of the creative and digital industries’ professionals from throughout Scotland. The content highlighted here is specifically of […]

How To… Create Your Own Innovation Lab

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
6 January 2012

Hot off the press from Festivalslab especially for AmbITion Scotland is a manifesto and How To… Guide explaining how to create your own innovation lab/build in innovation practices to your organisation. Festivalslab shares the last 2 years’ learning from the Festivals Edinburgh group on how to create a ripe environment for innovation in your organisation. […]

New thinking about innovation

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
16 December 2011

Innovation funding needs to meet the specific needs of cultural organisations and that isn’t always about creating something radical and new. In a country with a deficit as bad as it was in 1945 after Britain had endured six years of world war, it is not surprising that innovation is seen as an essential component […]

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