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Authoritative Authorship – masterclass on demand

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
9 December 2013

In this AmbITion Scotland webcast masterclass, be introduced to some of the issues and opportunities raised by the emerging practice of authoritative authorship. “Authorship is about highlighting the human authors of high-quality content on the web” explains a recent Swellpath blog and publishers of online content can improve their search results by linking their Google+ […]

You too can Make:IT:Happen!

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
4 July 2012

This is Lesley Anne Rose, Creative Producer of Stellar Quines who, following their AmbITion Scotland experience have really made IT happen for their theatre company by grasping the opportunities afforded by digital technologies. The picture also shows Hamish Allison, Managing Director at Freakworks at the Freakworks Studios in Edinburgh with whom Stellar Quines are working […]

Webinar: Digital Storytelling – Thomson & Craighead artist case study

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
22 June 2012

Own It Copyright Factsheet 1

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
21 February 2012

How to… A movie, a song, a desk, a dress. Copyright, which protects many types of creative work, is at the heart of legal protection for all these things. This guide sets out the basics of the copyright system so that you can take the proper steps and precautions in protecting your work.
Designers should read this information on copyright in conjunction with the Own It factsheet on registered designs.

Copyright licensing is not fit for purpose for the digital age: agree or disagree

Profile photo of Ashley Smith Hammond By Ashley Smith Hammond
10 February 2012

The UK government is inviting evidence to the Intellectual Property Office’s Digital Copyright Exchange Feasibility Study (DCE). They are inviting written responses as well as hosting a series of events for people to learn more and provide feedback.

From 2011’s ticketing & technology review to 2012’s digital copyright exchange consultation

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
12 January 2012

Happy New Year – we’re back for 2012, with a request for your thoughts on digital copyright, and a great review for you from 2011. Arts Professional published their 2011 Ticketing & Technology Supplement, featuring an overview of the landscape from AmbITion consultant Roger Tomlinson and a guide to working with web developers by Beth Aplin. […]

Digital arts and the imagination by Rachel Coldicutt

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
23 November 2011

(Thanks to @rachelcoldicutt for giving us permission to re-publish this article, which originally appeared as an inspiration essay for Arts Council England & BBC’s launch of The Space – an experimental digital arts media service and commissioning programme that could help to transform the way people connect with, and experience, arts and culture). Making things […]

Webinar 10: Making IT work, in partnership – a case study of a virtual & live theatre project

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
8 September 2011

Webinar 9: Getting to grips with the basics of IP & Copyright – 06.07.11

Profile photo of AmbITion By AmbITion
7 July 2011

Getting to grips with the basics of IP & Copyright came live from from Inspace, Edinburgh 06.07.11!

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