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claimexpenses.com – a Sustainable AmbITion case study

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
22 May 2014

This case study supported by AmbITion Scotland reveals Creative Carbon Scotland‘s digital development claimexpenses.com. The tool was developed with support from Sustainable AmbITion, a fund which focussed on utilising digital technologies for better environmental sustainability. Reflecting on the development of claimexpenses.com, users from Festivals Edinburgh and the Edinburgh International Festival, as well as the tool’s creators Creative […]

Highland Museums Forum’s Sustainable AmbITion

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
1 November 2013

Highland Museum Forum (supported by Highland Council and HI-Arts) were delighted to be awarded AmbITion Scotland Sustainable AmbITion funding to develop a digital resource to help measure and communicate carbon emissions. Running over the spring 2013, this project helped 12 independently run highland museums to identify how they can reduce their day to day carbon […]

Video case study in digital development – Platform

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
28 October 2013

Glasgow East Arts Company (Platform) explain the scoping and planning that they have achieved, following AmbITion Scotland support to undertake the AmbITion Approach to digital development. Their case study reflects on how the digital developments they’re planning will impact the organisation’s audience engagement with their communities, operations, business models and artistic services and output across […]

Culturing our Creativity: talks on demand

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
18 June 2013

Individuals and organisations working in arts, culture and the creative industries in Scotland are faced with a rapidly changing external operating environment that is increasingly uncertain. Many, especially those working in small practices, micro businesses and SMEs, face continuous obstacles to achieving their full potential, especially in relation to accessing the right kind of human and […]

The Rise of the Datavores

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
20 May 2013

This November 2012 Nesta report by Hasan Bakhshi and Juan Mateos-Garcia introduces the idea that the internet economy is growing, and so is the amount of data that it generates. Are UK businesses making the most of this data to innovate and grow? Or are they missing out on the opportunities of online data? A […]

Digital Business Models: podcast from #artsdigital

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
7 December 2012

Interviews include US crowdfunding site Kickstarter which has recently launched in the UK, the BFI which talks about digital and its plans to launch the BFIPlayer, and Digital Theatre whose high quality British theatre productions are available to an international audience via an online platform and Samsung SmartTV partnership. What is the attention economy? What […]

You too can Make:IT:Happen!

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
4 July 2012

This is Lesley Anne Rose, Creative Producer of Stellar Quines who, following their AmbITion Scotland experience have really made IT happen for their theatre company by grasping the opportunities afforded by digital technologies. The picture also shows Hamish Allison, Managing Director at Freakworks at the Freakworks Studios in Edinburgh with whom Stellar Quines are working […]

Are you ready for the Cookie Law?

Profile photo of Marcus J Wilson By Marcus J Wilson
27 April 2012

On May 26th 2012, the new EU Cookie regulations come into force in the UK. The legislation is aimed at protecting the privacy of people visiting the websites of EU based businesses. But what does that mean for your website?

Monetising Content – Hannah Rudman introduces and contextualises national conference, Digital 2012

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
14 April 2012

Monetising Content was the theme of Scotland’s national conference for the digital and interactive industries, Digital 2012. Organised by Interactive Scotland and AmbITion Scotland, Hannah Rudman gives an overview of why the conference is addressing the theme, and introduces the main subject and discussion areas of collaboration, convergence, content experience, and collection of data.

Digital 2012 live blog

Profile photo of Ashley Smith Hammond By Ashley Smith Hammond
30 March 2012

Live blog from the Digital 2012 conference 30th March 2012 #digi2012 using Storify to capture some of the Twitter highlights.

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