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Comar’s Transformation journey

By Caroline Winn
17 June 2015

Library Out Loud: Glasgow Women’s Library’s Organisational Development Fund Case Study

By Helen MacDonald
11 March 2014

Glasgow Women’s Library is a vibrant information hub housing a lending library, archive collections and contemporary and historical artefacts that celebrate the lives, histories and achievements of women. We also support thousands of women across Scotland every year to improve their lives through our services and programmes, including support and activities that tackle a wide […]

Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s Digital Strategy

By derek allan
23 February 2014

Pitlochry Festival Theatre people discuss their digital strategy and how it is developing and embedding across the organisation, following their undertaking of the AmbITion Approach, supported by AmbITion Scotland‘s Make:IT:Happen Fund. Watch and enjoy!

macrobert – case study in digital development

By Darrell Williams
5 February 2014

macrobert arts centre for Stirling and the Forth Valley has been supported by AmbITion Scotland to undertake the AmbITion Approach to digital development. Here in this video, they reflect on the work they did and the digital plans they’ve developed to ensure their ongoing resilience as a cultural hub for the area! macrobert also have […]

Video case study in digital development – Platform

By Dr Hannah Rudman
28 October 2013

Glasgow East Arts Company (Platform) explain the scoping and planning that they have achieved, following AmbITion Scotland support to undertake the AmbITion Approach to digital development. Their case study reflects on how the digital developments they’re planning will impact the organisation’s audience engagement with their communities, operations, business models and artistic services and output across […]

A Paperless Festival at Dance Base

By James Allenby
27 September 2013

Having recently moved our main year-round bookings system into the cloud we took the decision to move onto VIA by Red61 for our festival ticketing as this would improve efficiency, remove allocation management and allow all our companies to access their own reports. Whilst scoping the installation of VIA it became clear that we’d need […]

Ticketing and Technology – the developments of 2011

By Dr Hannah Rudman
20 January 2012

Arts Professional published their 2011 Ticketing & Technology Supplement, featuring an overview of the landscape from AmbITion consultant Roger Tomlinson and a guide to working with web developers by Beth Aplin. Worth checking out if you’re involved with your cultural organisation’s sales and box office functions for the details. If you’re a director or CEO, the guide […]

From 2011’s ticketing & technology review to 2012’s digital copyright exchange consultation

By AmbITion
12 January 2012

Happy New Year – we’re back for 2012, with a request for your thoughts on digital copyright, and a great review for you from 2011. Arts Professional published their 2011 Ticketing & Technology Supplement, featuring an overview of the landscape from AmbITion consultant Roger Tomlinson and a guide to working with web developers by Beth Aplin. […]

Social Selling – Manicure or Mozart – Does it work in the arts?

By Jane Hogg
17 August 2011

Beefing up some research on Socialnetwork selling Groupon/Livingsocial etc but not many examples of cultural stuff in UK.  A good number from US that look positive.  Anyone out there given it a whirl and cares to show and tell?  We can share the results from the info already collected.

Box Office Blues? (Arts Professional article by Beth Aplin, AmbITion consultant)

By AmbITion
12 July 2011

Beth Aplin reveals eight things every chief executive should know about their ticketing system Are you getting the very best out of your ticketing system? With such an expensive and business critical piece of software it is obviously worthwhile putting some effort into maximising your return on investment. Ask yourself the following questions, and you […]

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