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Box Office Blues? (Arts Professional article by Beth Aplin, AmbITion consultant)

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12 July 2011

Beth Aplin reveals eight things every chief executive should know about their ticketing system Are you getting the very best out of your ticketing system? With such an expensive and business critical piece of software it is obviously worthwhile putting some effort into maximising your return on investment. Ask yourself the following questions, and you […]

Baker Richards Case Study: Harmonising Price and Demand at Pitlochry Festival Theatre

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23 May 2011

Case study: Based in a small Scottish town halfway between Edinburgh and Inverness, Pitlochry Festival Theatre
(PFT) houses a 540-seat auditorium, serving both a strong local and thriving tourist market. The main
season at the theatre runs from May through to October and consists of six in-house productions running
in repertoire throughout the summer, giving rise to the tagline ‘see six shows in six days’.

Webinar 7: Getting to know your customers (CRM) – 18.11.10

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18 November 2010

Content & Consolidation 2: Bing, Project Canvass, Newspass, and Disney’s Facebook App for tix

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29 June 2010

Microsoft’s Bing has been around for just over a year, trying to cause a revolution in the search and location services market. But it hasn’t got the market share that I expected. So it was with great interest that Microsoft this week rolled out Bing Entertainment, a dedicated hub within Bing that hosts film clips […]

Roadshow South: Faith Liddell & Martin Reynolds, Festivals Edinburgh, 10th June 2010

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11 June 2010

Video case study: Faith Liddell & Martin Reynolds present a case study of Festivals Edinburgh at the AmbITion Scotland Roadshow South in Edinburgh 10.06.10.

AmbITion Consultant Beth Aplin on using technology to augment your reach

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22 September 2009

Video: Beth Aplin is director of Aplin Partnership Limited. On AmbITion she worked with North West Disability Arts Forum (NWDAF) which during the course of the project became DaDa. In this video, she talks about how the connection between audience and artist is a particularly acute problem with people who have some form of disability.

Hannah Rudman on the legacy of the AmbITion project

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22 September 2009

Hannah Rudman, project lead on AmbITion talks about the project and shares details of the resources for arts organisations delivered by the project.  Hannah runs Rudman Consulting and Envirodigital.

Video: AmbITion Lead: Hannah Rudman

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12 August 2009

Video: Hannah gives a speedy overview of the AmbITion England project, explaining the focus of the roadshow and talks about why digital development is essential for the arts sector. This presentation was at AmbItion Roadshow South West, at Watershed, Bristol, 9th July 2009.

The Liverpool Philharmonic story (AmbITion case study 2009)

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20 July 2009

Case study: An organisation who had their digital rights agreements in order, but needed to then get the content put out there through investment into video equipment and development of a better website infrastructure.

The firstsite Story (AmbITion case study 2009)

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16 July 2009

Case study: A development journey that encompasses the tension between investing in virtual, digital development, and putting together a lot of bricks and mortar.

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