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The Third Wave: Digital by Desire

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
21 December 2015

Digital by Default Those of us working in and with the public sector, or those of us in receipt of public funds have been working with an ethos of “Digital by Default” since 2012. Then, the UK Government released the Government Digital Strategy which set out how the Government would transform the way it delivers […]

Lung Ha Theatre Company uses digital as proxy for organisational development

Profile photo of Caitlin Skinner By Caitlin Skinner
1 May 2015

Lung Ha Theatre Company has been conducting a programme of strategic digital development with the support of AmbITion since 2013. The process has been the catalyst for wider change within the organisation, and the project has grown to incorporate multiple aspects of the company’s work and identity. In this rich media report, we outline the […]

AmbITion: now for Higher Education

Profile photo of Dr Hannah Rudman By Dr Hannah Rudman
2 September 2014

With the increasingly digital expectations of Generation Z; the growing importance in how research and knowledge exchange impacts society and commerce; and increased pressure to generate new income streams, the publicly-funded higher education sector faces the challenge of transforming to keep up with paradigm shifts. Shifts such as institutional attitudes moving from private and closed […]