3a. Business Case Overview



The AmbITion Approach asks you to develop a business case for your digital transformation. Digital transformation cannot happen without digital investment. A business case is equally as appropriate to not-for-profit organisations as it is for commercially driven businesses. A business case clearly states what it is that you are wanting to do in terms of digital developments to enhance your core capabilities, and why these digital transformations will achieve your economic, social and environmental aims, helping you deliver your value proposition.

Although developing your business case is likely to result in a finished document, the process should be a dynamic one, and you should continually test the fundamentals of your business case at key stages in a project to see that it is still relevant, and that it is still achieving your aims. The AmbITion Approach asks you to take all the work you have done already, in auditing your organisation and diagnosing your needs, and begin to develop a business case for your digital development.

To accompany this section take a look at the guide we've created to creating your business case document: Business Case Outline. You might also find it useful to construct a fresh Business Model Canvas with the ideas you have decided to develop.

What is a Business Case?

A business case should state clearly what you are wanting to do, why you are doing it, and what benefits it will achieve. It is the last of these, the benefits, which is at the heart of a business case. But the business case document might also include much more than that. It could include :-

  • how you are going to undertake the work (a roadmap for implementation)
  • a detailed budget
  • a detailed explanation of the leadership approach to the project, and how d”]igital leadership capabilities will drive the transformation
  • a detailed work plan including milestones and timescales
  • Developing a business case is a more formal planning process, that will allow you to take the information you gathered from the audit of your organisation, and the ideas that you generated through the diagnosis of your needs and present them in a clear way to your key stakeholders.

    A fun creative process to help you project your organisation into the future is to imagine how you might appear on a magazine cover. why is there a story about your enterprise’s digital transformation in a world-leading magazine? What magazine might it be? What are the headlines? Use the Cover Story Vision Canvas by David Sibbet, Grove International. This version is by designabetterbusiness.com

    Download this document (PDF, 1.09MB)


    Make final decisions, and get started on your Business Case.