Full Name

Bobby Baker

Website address

<a href=""></a&gt;



What I do

I am a woman and an artist. I am the artistic director of Daily Life Ltd and also a research fellow in Drama at Queen Mary, University of London.
The aims of Daily Life Ltd are ambitious.
They are to produce artworks that explore the value in this world of ambiguity, altruism, awareness, arithmetic, agony, accessibility, attention to detail, arduous application oh and of course, art – in a (dis)arming, amusing and occasionally alliterative way.

Why am I joining this network?

The internet is my life -well, increasingly?! I relish any opportunity to find out more. Our website is a crucial part of our work – to communicate information and ideas; create new work;have a good time; create lots of links.

Area of Interest

Combined Arts, Film, Interdisciplinary Arts, Visual Arts