Full Name

Caron Jane Lyon

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What I do

I help arts organisations get their brains around this social media stuff and start using it to promote, archive and document what ever it is they do with arts budgets in mind.

Why am I joining this network?

I am every regional administrator! I am the Amb:IT:ion network administrator! I am working with the Amb:IT:ion core team to provide a network to support, develop and nurture the creative exploration this project inspires in people. The have a go attitude, sparking curiosity and starting conversation, Social Networking. Online community is only as strong as the commitment and passion of those taking part.

Thank you for reading my profile. Ask your question, no matter how small or how silly, great oaks grow from small acorns. What do you want to do online?

Area of Interest

Theatre, Touring, Visual Arts, Amb:IT:ion Team

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