Full Name

Paul C Duncan

Website address

<a href="http://www.soundcloud/kiltedcomposer">http://www.soundcloud/kiltedcomposer</a&gt;


Moray, Scotland

What I do

Classically trained cellist and composer now concentrating on music production for use in different media. Developing a variety of styles at present – variety being the keyword. Looking forward to launching very soon.

Why am I joining this network?

Taking the plunge and – 'getting out there'. I'd really like to start making contacts in the Arts/Media world again. It's been TOO long! I write new music in various styles ranging from Classical/Instrumental to Electronic/Contemporary.My CV as a music composer includes 'Live' scores, mainly for theatre , however now that I'm computer friendly, I'm largely working on recording and producing tracks as 'in the can' products for use in theatre, tv, film, dance etc. Would welcome feedback from other creatives and advice on how best to use digital technology in my field.

Area of Interest

Combined Arts, Dance, Education and Learning, Film, Interdisciplinary Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Amb:IT:ion Team

My Blog address

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