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Sarah Mason

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Saltire Society

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What I do

The Saltire Society was founded in 1936 to improve the quality of life in Scotland and restore the country to its proper place as a creative force in Europe. It seeks to preserve all that is best in Scottish tradition and to encourage new developments which can strengthen and enrich the country’s cultural life. It has wide ranging interests including architecture, arts & crafts, civil engineering, history, literature, music, and science – and promotes excellence in many fields through a series of national awards.

The Society also seeks to revive the memory of famous Scots and to make the nation conscious of its heritage. It seeks to influence decision makers in Scotland through its committees. As well as working at national level the Society has members in branches throughout Scotland, working to promote the Society’s aims within their own communities.

Why am I joining this network?

I want to keep up to date with things happening in Scotland.

Area of Interest

Culture, Heritage

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