Innovation Vouchers FAQs

Q. What cash commitment does my organization have to provide?

A. Match funding – this can be in-kind and include staff time and certain elements of events or productions that you might test your project/development.


Q. How long can projects run for?

A. The initial projects generally run for around 6-8 weeks but can be followed up by a longer term collaboration.


Q. What happens if something goes wrong or changes in the middle of a project?

A. Through good communication and clear milestones being agreed at the outset it is hoped that no major changes will happen during project delivery. However as the majority of the projects are developing new knowledge to help inform the organization there may be instances where the results are not what were expected.


Q. Who owns the IP of any resulting product or idea?

A. The organisation and academic team must consider both confidentiality and intellectual property prior to submitting innovation voucher  funding application. Confirmation that such agreements have been signed by all partners will be a condition of grant.

Given the value of the award it is considered unlikely that significant levels of intellectual property will be generated during the study. However, the applicants should evaluate the potential for generating intellectual property and enter into an appropriate agreement. It will be a condition of award that the company is able to exploit any foreground intellectual property within their business sector.