Student Internships

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Entrepreneurial spirit embodied by a AmbITion Scotland intern

AmbITion Scotland has partnered with Interface and Third Sector Internships Scotland in order to broker internships between students and the arts, culture and heritage sector in Scotland.

Both schemes are aimed at building relationships between businesses, including creative industries businesses, and the higher education sector in Scotland, encompassing all disciplines of academia from science, engineering and technology to arts, creative industries, humanities and social sciences. AmbITion Scotland is thrilled to be working with Interface – the knowledge connection for business team who can help your organisation find the most suitable academic supported student group or student through impartial brokering at any time. Interface promote innovative business/academic collaborations through translating the needs of companies from all sizes and sectors into manageable projects for Scottish Universities and Research Institutions.

Third Sector Internships Scotland can provide funding for internships as well as recruitment support, the lead in for these funded internships is usually at least 6 months.

Students can join our network and begin promoting their skills. Cultural, creative and heritage organisations can begin to prepare to host an internship now, by thinking of projects that might benefit from support from a talented intern.

You’ll find more information on how to begin planning an internship below.

Download this document (PDF, 1.36MB)

How to get started