Make:IT:Happen Fund

  • Make:IT:Happen AmbITion Approach fund
  • Make:IT:Happen Digital Content Development fund
  • Make:IT:Happen Organisational Development fund
  • Make:IT:Happen Sustainable AmbITion fund
Make:IT:Happen is a  fund created by AmbITion Scotland specifically for organisations in the arts, culture and heritage sector in Scotland to help them capitalise on the opportunities presented by digital technologies. Over £400,000 is being awarded to a range of organisations to enable them to increase business capability, capacity, creativity and confidence across four digital investment funds. The fund is currently closed, but check out AmbITion Scotland’s 2014 Guide to funding for digital projects.

Make:IT:Happen funds will make investments ranging from £500 to £10,000 and could make a real difference to your organisation by supporting it to embrace and adapt to the social, cultural, economic and environmental changes that the digital technology revolution is driving. Funds can be used to support a project in its entirety or augment a bigger digital ambition.

Make:IT:Happen funding offers support through four digital investment strands:

  • AmbITion Approach (up to £5,000) supports organisations during the early stages of their digital development by providing an external specialist to help them assess and develop a wide-reaching strategy for organisational change. NOW CLOSED.
  • Digital Content Development (£500-£10,000) gives organisations the opportunity to enhance their digital development activity through the creation, or better use of digital content. NOW CLOSED.
  • Organisational Development (£500-£10,000) supports organisations to take advantage of digital technologies to grow their businesses, develop ideas and improve operational capacity. NOW CLOSED.
  • Sustainable AmbITion (£500 – £5,000) supports organisations to be carbon-aware and improve their green credentials through funding new digital technologies or approaches. CLOSING 29.09.13.

View the Guidelines to all the funds below, or click the name of fund in which you are interested on the revolving carousel above:

Download this document (PDF, 386KB)

Given the successes that have already been achieved through AmbITion Scotland’s work on digital development with some of Scotland’s creative community, we’re looking forward to continuing an inspiring and rewarding digital journey. Our experience has been that it’s easily accessible and focussed support that allow fresh ideas in the digital world to take shape rapidly.

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