Make:IT:Happen Fund – Peer Review

AmbITion Scotland is trialling a participatory Peer Review method of decision making for the Make:IT:Happen Fund – Digital Content Development in response to feedback from participants who took part in an earlier phase of AmbITion Scotland and who said they were keen to network, learn from others in the programme and share ideas.  We’ve also blogged more about why we are running a peer review system.

A designated person from each organisation who applies to this fund will become a Peer Reviewer and will be required to act as an adjudicator on a limited number of applications. As well as being knowledgeable in various fields of creative practice, many Peer Reviewers will be using digital technologies already to connect with audiences and to run their organisation more efficiently. Therefore, AmbITion Scotland sees tapping into this collective intelligence through Peer Review assessment as a great opportunity make the most of this expertise and experience.

Here are some of the benefits for applicants who will also be a Peer Reviewer – they will:

  • Learn more about the work of other organisations, which might also be relevant to them
  • Have an insight into other people’s good ideas, which might help trigger more of their own
  • Have a clear understanding about why their application may have been unsuccessful

If you apply to the Make:IT:Happen Fund – Digital Content Development we will ask you:

  • To share your proposal with the pool of the other applicants
  • To assess a limited number of other applications (up to a maximum of 10) and vote on those projects that best fit the criteria of the fund, while your application is also under discussion
  • Not to adjudicate or vote on your own application
  • Declare any interests in other arts, culture and heritage organisations and not assess a proposal where there is a potential conflict
  • Treat all application information as confidential

Peer Review Steps