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Arts Digital R&D Podcast 2: using mobile technology and gaming to reach new audiences

By Dr Hannah Rudman
2 August 2012

In this podcast studio guests dissect the future of mobile from near field communication (NFC) technology to Google’s Project Glass and take in the latest advances in augmented reality browsers along the way. But how much of this technology can really deliver what we need it to for our audiences? There are also case studies […]

Online theatre: All the web’s a stage

By Dr Hannah Rudman
13 November 2008

The Indy yesterday picked up Punchdrunk Theatre & Hide & Seek‘s collaboration, The Last Will (in the gadgets and tech section, not Arts). Fancy a night in with the games console? Or is seeing a play a more appealing option? Rob Sharp of the Independent, Wednesday, 12 November 2008, reports on the theatre company that […]